The solutions are really quite SIMPLE!

The leading causes of disease ... ​are THEY preventable!

Pioneer Wellness Causes of Disease

Kicks in only "AFTER" someone has become ill and often involves costly doctors’ visits, tests, medications and expensive procedures to diagnose and treat conditions that could be prevented n the first place. 

1. Deficiencies: lack of proper nutrition, lack of pure water, adequate

     sleep, daily exercise.

​2. Abnormal immunity:  low immune vitality, I
nflammation,​ allergies,      

    abnormal cell growth, Ph balance (acidic terrain).

3. Toxins/Free Radicals: accumulations in intestines, blood, fats, brains,

     poison, pollution, chemicals, drugs,environmental toxins.

4. Abnormal Metabolism: obesity, diabetes, hormonal problems 

​​5. Stress: physical, mental, emotional, poor habits, lack of sleep.

​6. Contagions: bacterial, viral,  parasites, insects, fungus (70% transferred

    through hands; 2nd a purse) 

​7. Injuries: trauma, surgery,  neglect, abuse.

8. Genetics/Age: time and DNA

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