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Jay Tilghman

Wellness Specialist

and his wife Jennifer

Jay is currently working to achieve Certified Natural Health Professional credential. “We plan to integrate a 

product-service-support experience”

Wes Tilghman,
​Wellness and Business Coach,

and his wife Ali

Herbal Specialist with NSP Training.

The Transformational Habit of Health and essential daily nutrition is his passion. Wes is an excellent speaker and  coach. 

Teaching the Truths ... Reversing the Trends

The truth is, YOU don't have to settle for the status quo and the Standard American Diet (SAD)

We're trained wellness specialists, with a passion for people and changing lives. The truth is millions of people are struggling unnecessarily, and we believe we have a responsibility to share simple truths for a more satisfying life.

How would it feel to gain clarity, self-confidence, and the knowledge to succeed at TRUE wellness, physically, nutritionally, and emotionally.

Would you like to create your own path to a lifestyle of wellness and prosperity?

Download Eight Weeks to Better Wellness

We're here to guide you with the coaching and personalized training that will pave the road to total transformation in a relaxed and natural way. We've been assisting people for years, changing lives and empowering people to find their own path to wellness and prosperity.

We're also business coaches for solopreneurs, helping you nail down your niche, get your name out there, and start building the business you deserve. We work 1:1, as well as in team environments, to show you the exact steps you can take to be successful.

Let's work together to define where you are now, where you want to be, and what steps to take to attain a life that is more satisfying, rewarding, and enjoyable!

Why Us?

Because we know first hand how to conquer confusing health issues, AND run a successful business ... and we're here to help you do the same.

You just need to rethink your approach, and uncover whats right for you.

People who commit to preventive lifestyles have a vested interest in their well being and making informed, intelligent choices. When you learn the simple A-B-C-D's of Natural Health, you'll wonder why you were never taught this before, AND you'll be inspired to tell others!

It’s easy to share something that you can truly believe in. Nature’s Sunshine makes it easy to believe, because each and every product is made under the strictest guidelines and using only the highest caliber standards in quality control. Learn more about our strict quality standards.

We invest in you by offering free access to a members-only online community, a personalized, professional website (for a low monthly fee), social media training, an Rewards program, and other management tools available online and in printed form. We have whatever you need to grow and learn.

Let us help. Contact us  or attend one of our Transformation Talk Shops. 

Meet the Team!

Cookie Tilghman,

Certified Natural Health Professional


Cookie Tilghman is a member of the Certified Natural Health Professional Institute, a Herbal Specialist, and a District Manager with Nature’s Sunshine Products.  

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Pioneer Wellness

Independent Distributor, Natures Sunshine Products

We enjoy sharing our expertise. Check out all of our free EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES.


Specializing in wellness and  business coaching, our team offers training for a natural approach to using Natures Sunshine Products. Meet the people who make Pioneer Wellness  great.

Meet The Team

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