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Free, easy access to training is available, we'll guide you through basic and advanced training, with free downloadable training resources, giving you the confidence to promote your business and products to those who are looking for solutions with Real Results and Real Rewards!

Access a great range of top quality business tools to help you promote your products and your business, plus an excellent library of online Video Trainings, Webinars and PowerPoint Presentations to support your on-going business development.

Our generous Commission Plan means you can start building and earning from day one, and as your business grows you will have the opportunity to qualify for extra rewards and benefits, including International trips, cash rewards and monthly bonuses.

JOIN NOW and take your First Step towards Freedom and Independence

As successful business owners ourselves, our commitment to you is to train and coach you with the exact steps to be successful. Don't worry if you haven't done this kind of thing before, We will guide you to the most effective ways of building a successful business, in a way that suits YOU. 

You are never alone. Our support network is there for you every step of the way, and we'll make sure that you always have the guidance you need.

Learn how to keep your family healthy with our free Webinars  by certified practitioners, medical, and  business pros. .

unmatched education

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Get rewarded for sharing good health! 
​NSP makes sharing good health a pleasure!

  • Earn up to 30% in rebates and commissions.
  • Receive special cash bonuses.
  • Earn free admission to our annual company convention.
  • Earn a monthly car allowance, starting at $250.
  • Earn all-expenses-paid vacations to exotic cities around the world.

our opportunity

Pioneer Wellness delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”




How would your life change if you landed your dream job? Imagine it, a fun place, with flexible hours, a supportive work environment, room to grow, and a great paycheck? OK, so compare that to where you are right now. Are you close to your dream job? Not quite?

If you're like the average employee, you work 40-50 hours per week, 50 weeks per year. You work for enough income to get buy in life, and maybe you work to make a difference in the lives of others?

But, what if you could do more .. and make more with the time you spend working? Think about it. Maybe it's time to stop working "FOR" someone else, maybe it's time you started working WITH a company instead?

​I'm talking about a business partnership! When you work with us, you set your own goals, on your own schedule. Natures Sunshine gives you the exclusive products, expert training, and professional marketing materials to build your OWN business, on your OWN terms. 

YOU can start your own NSP business right now and join the thousands of Independent Distributors who have already found success, freedom and financial security. Whether you are an experienced Networker or someone looking to boost their monthly income, there is a place for you here at NSP.

Joining the NSP Team gives you the freedom to work full time or part time. There's no pressure, and no limits to how much you can earn, that's up to you.


​Transform your own life, and help others do the same. The combination is really that simple, and there's not another business opportunity that offers you the ability to get in, and start up for less, with virtually no risk. 

Think about it, the only investment you have on the front end, is your own commitment to your own wellness. From there, it's really only mastering the drive and determination to share what you are learning with others. 

Yes, I want to know more!


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